Saturday, January 26, 2008



Carryover from 2006 was $17,766.63.

Total Income for 2007 was $30,655.00 as a direct result of the assessment billing.

Expenses for 2007 were $39,598.08.

We invested $15,000.00 in 3 CD’s with a maturity date of June 28, 2008.

The capital fund was at $4,513.09 (as of Dec-07)

Thus, we begin 2008 with $8,823.55 in the checking account.

Assessments for 2008 will be mailed out on January 9, 2008 with a payment deadline of March 15, 2008.

Soren Grinderslev
January 8, 2008


DECEMBER 3. 2007

The Board of the Orchard Run Homeowners Association met on Monday, 12/3/2007. President Joanne Winger called the Business Meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Board members attending the meeting were Joanne Winger, Cindy Wallett, Tom Luttrell, Soren Grinderslev, Betty Burston, Debbie Craig, Barbara Shumate, and Elaine Shuey.

Board Meeting minutes are being forwarded to Board members via E-mail prior to scheduled meetings, allowing review of the minutes in advance. Motion for approval of the Secretary’s Report was made by Betty Burston, seconded by Debbie Craig, and accepted by all in attendance.

Soren Grinderslev provided the Treasurer’s Report. A current statement was not available. Recent expenditure for lawn service was $1180. Three CDs, each valued at $5,000 each has been secured; paperwork was signed at the meeting.

Old Business
Resale Certificates: The available listing of homeowners in the development is current; it was last updated on 7/7/07.
Electric for the Gazebo: PP&L will be contacted to make arrangements for electrical service to the gazebo. There is no cost for this connection to be made.
Lawn Care: Recently a resident requested that several trees be removed near to their property. Board members will examine this for response.
Holiday Decorating Contest: Homeowners will vote for the best holiday decorations in the development. Ballots should identify the nominated home and identification of the person submitting the vote (one vote per home). Votes will be tallied at the January meeting of the Board.
Plowing/Lawn Care Contract: No estimates for lawn care have been submitted. Three bids for snow removal have been received: Grassworks (on Canal Rd.), Fischl (off Schoolhouse Rd.) and Madison (New Cumberland). Following discussion, motion was made by Cindy Wallett to accept the bid from Fischl. Joanne Winger seconded the motion, and the attending Board members passed the motion unanimously.

New Business
Purchase: The Board gave Debbie Craig approval to purchase wheels for the dolly that will be used to move the benches to storage. The motion was made by Elaine Shuey, seconded by Joanne Winger, and approved by all in attendance.
Development Sign: It was reported that a light that illuminates the development’s sign has burned out. Cindy Wallett volunteered to replace it.
Leaf Removal: Joanne Winger and other Board members expressed concern over the inconsistent removal of raked leaves by the Township. Joanne agreed to call the Township tomorrow.
Newsletter: A rough draft of the winter newsletter was reviewed an agreed upon by the attending Board members. Elaine Shuey volunteered to distribute the newsletters to each residence in the development.
Parking: Complaints about abuse of parking spaces continue. Joanne Winger will contact the Derry Township Police for advisement and to report current and ongoing violations.
Notice of Association Fees: The newsletter will remind residents of the annual association fee. During the January 2008 Board Meeting, notices will be prepared for mailing. Assignments: 1) Tom Luttrell will provide the mailing stickers & envelopes, 2) Soren Grinderslev will provide the stamps, and 3) Barbara Shumate will provide copies of the parking policies to be enclosed with each notice. Fees will be due March 15, 2008.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m. The next Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 8, 2008, at 6:30 p.m. Debbie Craig graciously offered her home for the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Shumate

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Orchard Run Holiday Bulletin

Homeowners Association
Board of Directors

JoAnn Winger – 566-0812
Vice Presidents
Cindy Wallet – 566-8017
Tom Luttrell – 566-6819
Betty Burston – 583-4104
Debbie Craig – 566-1354
Marcia Yarnell – 566-0474
Barb Shumate – 566-4522
Soren Grinderslev – 566-1635
Asst. Treas.
Elaine Shuey – 566-3745

Residents who have questions or concerns are invited to contact the board in writing or in person. Correspondence can be sent to:
P.O. Box 100
Hummelstown, PA 17036
Email can be sent to
Homeowners are welcome to attend any board meeting. Individual concerns will be addressed at the start of the meeting. Call any member of the board for the time and place of the next meeting.

The 1st snow of the year caught the weatherman off guard; don’t let it happen to you!!!

Make sure hoses are disconnected, and water to outside faucets is turned off.
When buying products to melt ice/snow, please make sure it is labeled safe for concrete/asphalt and pets.
When possible, move vehicles out of the common parking areas so they can be completely plowed.
Lowe’s has products available in 12lb. and 40 lb. containers at a reasonable price. These “ice-melters” are guaranteed not to leave an oily mess on pavements.

Be a good neighbor: Keep your trash cans and recycle bins stored OUT OF SIGHT. You may not see them in front of your garage door but your neighbors sure can. For upright trash containers, please secure the lids when placing on the curb. For trash bags, please tie them up securely. Remember: No trash containers on the curb before 5 pm on Thursday.

Christmas Decoration Contest
Let’s light up the neighborhood!
The ballots will be sent out early in December.
Fellow homeowners will be deciding the winners.
List the address of your favorite display, sign your name/address, and place the ballot in the Orchard Run Mailbox by January 1st.

2008 Annual Dues
The Board of Directors will prepare the 2008 notices to be mailed in January 2008. Please pay your dues in a timely manner so the association can avoid budget shortfalls. Homeowners who fail to pay in a timely manner will be charged any legal fees associated with the collection of unpaid dues. The good news: The Association Dues have not been increased.
The Board will be including copies of the parking policies to all homeowners and renters. It will contain instructions regarding winter policy for parking during snow removal. Each notice will require the return of a signature to a statement confirming that the parking policy has been read and understood. Any failure to comply will result in action through the Association’s attorney.

Derry Township will continue to collect leaves from curbside through mid-December. Help the neighborhood out; if a storm drain near your house is clogged with leaves, please clean it up to prevent street flooding.

Selling Your Home
You need a resale certificate to sell your home. The package contains information you and the buyer need to complete the closing of the sale. The fee for the certificate is $100. Contact Betty Burston for additional information. Orchard Run requests that the fee be paid in advance of the sale completion.

More News
The monthly financial statement for Orchard Run is now online at This website also includes the minutes of past board meetings.
The Board welcomes back JoAnn Winger as its President.

From the Board of Orchard Run

Wednesday, December 5, 2007



On November 13, 2007, the Board of the Orchard Run Homeowners Association met. The Business Meeting was called to order by President Joanne Winger at 6:30 p.m. Board Members attending the meeting were Elaine Shuey, Tom Luttrell, Soren Grinderslev, Betty Burston, Debbie Craig, Cindy Wallett, and Barbara Shumate.

Homeowner Brad Yacisin came before the Board to review his desired intention to build a raised vegetable garden, measuring 12’ X 4,’ on his property. This is not a violation of current policies within the development. The Board approved his request, noting that the garden is to be maintained.

The Secretary’s Report was approved with a motion by Tom Luttrell, and seconded by Betty Burston.
The Treasurer’s Report was accepted with motion by Cindy Wallett, and seconded by Elaine Shuey. It was noted that signature updates at the bank have been completed.
It was agreed that both the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports be added to the Association’s blog site.

Old Business
· Resale Certificates:
Following discussion initiated by Betty Burston, the Board agreed that upon request for a resale certificate, the $100 fee be paid.
· Association Dues: Letters will go out in January reminding homeowners of the year’s dues.
· Lawn care update: It was noted that mulch has been put around the gazebo. Repair to areas of sunken ground will be made.
· Electrical line to gazebo: Debbie Craig investigated running a line to the gazebo and was advised to contact PP&L.
· Parking: Tom Luttrell and Elaine Shuey toured the Jonathan Court area to assess parking accommodations. This area of the development does meet the requirement of 1 ½ spaces per residence. The Board agreed to send copies of the parking policies to all homeowners and renters. Included would be specific instructions regarding winter policies in effect for snow removal. Each notice will require the return of signature to a statement, “I have read the parking policy and understand it.” Landlords will be reminded of their responsibility for tenants’ compliance. Any failure to comply with the policy will result in action through the Association’s attorney.
· Trees: Joanne Winger observed the need for trees to be trimmed from not only the tops but also the sides. Tom Luttrell will look into this. Tom Luttrell presented options for replacement trees with respect to their longevity, strength, and appearance. The Board agreed to maple trees with a variety of colors.

New Business
· Newsletter: Elaine Shuey volunteered to distribute the upcoming newsletter door to door.
Investment in CDs: Board members listened to research regarding current CD rates and agreed to invest $15,000 in three $5,000 CDs. Cindy Wallett and Treasurer Soren Grinderslev will coordinate.
· Development Composite of Residents: The most recent composite of Orchard Run residents is dated 7/7/07, and is already inaccurate. The composite will be updated by Betty Burston who oversees issue of Resale Certificates. She will share this information with the Treasurer.
· Yearly Association Fees: January 1 is the anniversary date for association fees. Notices will go out in January with dues to be paid by the end of March. The notices will be prepared for mailing during the January meeting.
· Status of Lawn and Plow Services: Tom Luttrell reported that most businesses want to provide both services, not just contract for one service or the other. He is continuing to seek the most appropriate business to serve the development’s needs.
With no further discussion from the floor, the meeting was adjourned.
December’s meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4, @ 6:30 p.m. Debbie Craig has graciously offered her home for the meeting. Board Members are encouraged to bring libations and holiday treats!

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Shumate, Co-Secretary


Prior years carryover__________________________17,766.63
Transfers from Capital Fund________________________ 0.00
2007 Revenue to Date_________________________30,655.00
Transfers to Capital Fund___________________________0.00
Transfer to Certificates of Deposit_________________15,000.00
Total Income_______________________________ $33,421.63

Expenses (YTD)
Snow Removal_______________________________2,952.18
Legal________________________________________ 45.50
Lawn Care__________________________________11,270.01
Bank Charges___________________________________75.00
Total Expenses______________________________$23,212.24

Year To Date Total (Income-Expenses)____________$10,209.39

Check Book Balance___________________________$10,209.39

Bank Statement Balance________________________$10,209.39

Beginning Balance 1/1/06
Transfers from Operating Fund_____________________4,498.41
Interest & Fee____________________________________ 4.97
Init. Fee________________________________________ 0.00
Sub total (Oct)________________________________$4,503.38

(Bank Statement Balance for Nov not received yet)
Certificates of Deposits, 3 x $5,000_______________$15,000.00

Sunday, November 25, 2007


OCTOBER 9, 2007

On October 9, 2007, the Board of the Orchard Run Homeowners Association met. The Business Meeting was called to order by President Joanne Winger at 6:30 p.m. Board Members attending were: Betty Burston, Tom Luttrell, Elaine Shuey, Debbie Craig, Barbara Shumate, Soren Grinderslev, and Cindy Wallett. Two additional residents of the Orchard Run development were present.
Minutes from the last Board Meeting were read. Betty Burston motioned to approve the minutes. Elaine Shuey seconded the motion and the minutes were unanimously accepted.
Soren Grinderslev was recognized and welcomed as the new Treasurer.
Old Business
· Sidewalk Repairs: Debbie Craig reported that sidewalk repairs have been made for this year. Additional repairs will be scheduled in the New Year. Cost per section of pavement is around $300.00.
· Association Fees: All Association fees have been received.
· Resale Certificates: Betty Burston is managing resale certificates for the community.
· Lawns: There continue to be problems with some residents failing to mow their lawns. This issue will be addressed by contacting the township for enforcement of the township policy.
· Mowing/Plowing: Tom Luttrell is in the process of obtaining a contract for mowing and for plowing for the upcoming year. It was agreed that the business hired to plow will also be contracted to shovel common sidewalks. The business hired to plow will need availability of equipment to remove ice, preventing the problem that occurred last winter.
· Purchase of a shed: Discussion was raised about the purchase of a shed to store the community benches. With respect to the by-laws which disallow shed on individual properties, several Board Members offered storage at their homes. It was agreed that his was a preferable solution.
· Parking Lines: Parking issues remain within the development, particularly within the Jonathan Court cul-de-sac and along the border of the common area of MacIntosh Way. These problems will be addressed by Tom Luttrell and several other Board Members who will pursue painting lines for specific parking spaces. Violations of parking in non-parking zones will be reported to the Derry Township Police.
· Proxy Votes: In September there were 51 proxy votes submitted. Notice of Board recommendations were distributed to all homeowners. Without additional input by October 1, the recommended Board members were approved.
· Above ground pool: An above ground pool on a property has been removed and will not be re-installed.
· Siding: Properties in need of new siding may gather information from the building contractor of the development.
New Business
· Sidewalk Repairs: Debbie Craig reported that sidewalk repairs will continue and be completed in the spring. It was agreed that the OHRA newsletter will advise homeowners not to use salt for sidewalk ice. A product called Urea is preferable to maintain the condition of sidewalks.
· Parking: On 10/20/07 @ 12:30 p.m., tom Luttrell and other volunteers will meet at Jonathan Court to assess the parking problem there.
· Lawn Care: It was agreed that the business contracted to mow will also treat the grass in the common areas and care for the flowers and shrubs.
Treasurer’s Report
The budget is healthy and it was suggested that $15,000 be invested in a CD. This will be explored and discussed at next month’s meeting.
From the Floor
1. There were concerns regarding the placement of trash along the curb prior to the 5:00 p.m., Thursday evening policy, and also about placement of trash receptacles. Homeowners will be reminded of these policies in the next newsletter.
2. It was discussed to research connection of a power line to the gazebo. The Board also recommended landscaping around the gazebo to enhance its appearance.
3. Tree Replacement: Tom Luttrell advised the Board that tree replacement is underway in the development. A variety of trees will replace the flowering pear trees as they die.
4. The board agreed that another Christmas decorating contest will take place this year. The winner will be determined by a community member vote.
5. Annual Dues: Reminders about annual dues go out to homeowners in January for payment by the end of March.
6. Leaf Pick-up: The Township is providing leaf pick-up on Thursday mornings from the present time through mid-December.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.
The Board will next meet on Tuesday, November 13, @6:30 p.m. at Debbie Craig’s home.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Shumate, Co-Secretary

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Prior years carryover_________________________17,766.63

Transfers from Capital Fund________________________0.00
2007 Revenue to Date________________________30,655.00
Transfers to Capital Fund__________________________0.00
TOTAL INCOME______________________________48,421.63

Electric _____________________________________186.43
Snow Removal ______________________________2,952.18
Legal ________________________________________45.50
Taxes ________________________________________0.00
Insurance __________________________________1,032.00
Postmaster ___________________________________40.00
Postage _____________________________________124.90
Supplies ____________________________________200.04
Maintenance ________________________________2,258.41
Lawn Care _________________________________10,081.12
Bank Charges _________________________________ 65.00
Miscellaneous* ______________________________4,994.47

TOTAL EXPENSES _________________________21,980.05
*Misc includes gazebo and benches

YTD Total (Income – Expenses) _____________26,441.58

Check Book Balance __________________________26,441.58

Bank Statement Balance (Tentative) ______________26,441.58


Beginning Balance 1/1/06
Transfers from Operating Fund ____________________4498.41
Interest Oct _____________________________________4.97
Init. Fee _______________________________________0.00
Sub total ____________________________________4,503.38

TOTAL ____________________________________4,503.38
(Bank Statement Balance)