Saturday, May 17, 2014

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Board of Directors Meeting - May 7, 2014

ORHA Minutes for May 7, 2014 Present: Cindy, Mac, Sandy, Debbie, Tom, Charlene and Joanne Meeting opened by Clayton (Mac), President Minutes: read and approved. Financial: no report as checks etc. were not received in time. Homeowner question: Gary Burke asked about his roof shingle situation. It was decided he would go with the weathered shingles suggested by the Board. He will also inform John Broussard of this decision as he is also getting new roofs for his houses. Old Business: certified letters…2 never picked up, 2 still haven’t paid dues, and 2 are now paid. 3rd notice will be sent out to violators; they will be informed their account will be submitted to the District justice for nonpayment. This 3rd notice will give violators 10 days to right their account. Sidewalk work…we need 3 estimates. Bill Kettering has given 1…300 linear feet for $13,500.00 including apron. C& S has been contacted and hasn’t responded. Tom will call Rueben Schumcker for the 3rd estimate. Spring Newsletter: Charlene and Mac will work together on the violations to homeowners. Also included will be notice of the Yard Sale on May 31st from 7am to 12pm. Other reminders will be included. These newsletters will be emailed, mailed to homeowners that rent and delivered to the door by various Board members. Kudos to Charlene for coordinating these undertakings. ORHA Website: Sandy and Mac will work together on getting this site up and user friendly. Cindy has offered her IT person to help so there will be an internet team. Shed: Need 3 estimates. Have one estimate from Pine Creek Structures that includes 6’ by 8’ peaked roof… $1500.00 - $1700.00; or an 8’ by 8’ for $1769.00. Debbie will get in touch with Myerstown Shed and one more shed company for estimates. It was decided the sidewalk replacement company would be asked to prep the site for the shed. New News: Charlene and Mac are going to coordinate getting the paperwork ready for notices/requirements to be sent out to homes that need to have work done in order to be in compliance with the rules and regulations for ORHA. Debbie and Joanne will do stamps, stuffing and mailing. This will be accomplished as soon as possible. New format for next meeting will be to approve Minutes, Financial Statement then immediately set the date for the next meeting. Next meeting set for June 16, 2014, 6:00 pm at Cindy’s...aka Deck Club!! Respectfully submitted, Joanne B. Winger, Secretary