Sunday, May 20, 2007

Board of Directors Meeting - 04/16/07

Board of Directors Meeting
April 16, 2007

In attendance were:
Sandy Forsythe
Betty Burston
Debbie Craig
Cindy Wallett

1. The minutes from the February meeting were reviewed, edited and printed for distribution.
2. The treasurers’ report was reviewed and accepted. We still have 10 outstanding association dues for 2007. Each of these homeowners will receive an additional notice prior to contacting our attorney for collection.
3. The Board is aware of the damage done to some yards along the sidewalks created by the snow and ice removal. The Board will address the problem when weather permits and repairs will be made in all cases.
4. Debbie Craig will contact Verizon about the broken lid and casing in front of 1540 Macintosh that was broken during snow removal.
5. The Board is looking into buying a Gazebo and placing it in the common area on Macintosh Way. The Board is also looking into benches to be placed throughout the community. Debbie Craig will do the research on the gazebo and Betty Burston will research several different types of benches.
6. Tom Luttrell is looking into types of trees to replace the existing ones as needed. This will be a multi-year process as we certainly do not want to remove all the mature trees at one time. We are hoping to find trees that will last for a long period of time.

1. The minutes from the March meeting were reviewed, edited and printed for distribution.
2. The treasurers’ report was reviewed and accepted.
3. Sandy and Debbie will go to K-Mart to purchase 3 benches to be put in designated areas of the development.
4. Debbie has researched the best price for gazebos and found the best deal at Myerstown Sheds and Fencing located in Palmyra. Sandy and Debbie will be going to check on exact prices and availability.
5. There are still 9 outstanding dues for 2007. Final notices will be sent as soon as possible. Every year the Board must deal with unpaid dues which is not a pleasant process and should not be necessary if ALL homeowners simply paid according to the first notice sent. One more notice will be sent to these homeowners prior to turning the matter over to the Association’s attorney for legal action.
6. The Board will be asking anyone with complaints to attend a monthly meeting so the Board can address the problem as a group instead of one officer being overwhelmed with issues to be solved. Complaints may also be written and placed in the “Orchard Run” box.
7. Debbie has arranged with Verizon to fix the cover plate and casing in front of 1540 Macintosh Way.
8. The new landscaper has taken care of the damage done in homeowners’ years by the winter ice removal. Grass seed had been planted but it will be the homeowner’s responsibility to water it.
9. The Board must once again request that trash cans not be placed in any exposed area in the front of any home prior to Thursday afternoon. (no one wants to be exposed to the unsightly view or smell of a neighbor’s trash)
10. Richard Prescott will be selling his home and has therefore resigned from the Board. We wish him the best of luck in his new home.


The next meeting of the Board of Directors of Orchard Run Homeowners Association will be held on May 22 at 6:00 PM at Sandy Forsythe’s home.


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